Specialists in vacuum excavation.

Southern Works is a reputable family-owned business hailing from the picturesque region of Dorset, UK. With a rich history and strong ties to the community, they have established themselves as specialists in the field of vacuum excavator hire. Drawing on generations of expertise, Southern Works offers cutting-edge solutions for excavation needs while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Their fleet of state-of-the-art vacuum excavators is meticulously maintained and operated by a skilled team, ensuring that clients can undertake excavation projects with precision and minimal disruption. Whether it’s for construction, utility maintenance, or infrastructure development, Southern Works stands as a reliable partner, blending tradition with innovation to deliver exceptional vacuum excavator hire services across Dorset and beyond.


why us?

CPCS A78 Certified operators

Possessing the CPCS A78 certification signifies advanced competence in operating vacuum excavators, enhancing safety, efficiency, and job prospects in excavation and construction industries.


Southern Works’ cutting-edge vacuum excavators are meticulously maintained and operated by a skilled team, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and excellence in excavation projects.

Remotely Operated Vacuum Excavation

Southern Works’ Remotely Operated Vacuum Excavation ensures safety, efficiency, and accuracy in challenging environments. Minimizing physical presence while maximizing results, it revolutionizes excavation practices for the better.


With extensive expertise in vacuum excavation, Southern Works Ltd excels by delivering knowledgeable solutions. Our experience ensures efficient and reliable services, setting us apart in the industry.


As a family-owned company, Southern Works Ltd brings a personalised touch to their vacuum excavation services, prioritising trust, integrity, and long-term client relationships for successful outcomes.


For urban projects or dust-sensitive areas, our vacuum trucks excel. 42 air filters trap dust inside tanks, promoting safe excavation and minimal disturbance for nearby operations.

Safety First

Vacuum excavation offers quicker, safer, and non-destructive digging compared to traditional methods. It minimizes utility damage, reduces labor, and ensures precision, making it a superior choice..


Generational experience

Backed by generational experience, Southern Works boasts a deep understanding of vacuum excavation, delivering unparalleled insights, reliability, and innovation to every project they undertake.

Large Suction Depth

Boasting a 45-meter suction depth, our system offers unparalleled depth capabilities. This maximizes project flexibility, enabling efficient excavation in challenging terrains and deep-seated utilities.